As an entrepreneur, you’re probably used to wearing many hats and finding creative ways to get-things-done. One of the most challenging lessons you may have learned as a business owner was outsourcing or delegating different tasks to execute effectively and quickly. 

Here are three reasons why you should invest in professional photography for your business.

You may be guilty of blurry selfies or last-minute “professional photos” with poor lighting but sometimes getting the right pro for the job is a better decision than doing it quickly and poorly. We know how tough it can be at first with expenses, but photos are an investment you can’t overlook. Your branding will dictate whether your client will like, trust, and want to know you enough to hire you. A brand’s reputation is built with credibility, experience, knowledge, and trust.

Professional photography instantly levels up your brand.

Having professional and personalized photography presents you with the opportunity to gain an advantage over your competitors. While building your company, you need to know what sets the experts apart from the beginners in your space. We live in an era of social media bloggers, content creators, and business coaches fighting for attention on every platform imaginable. Setting aside a budget for professional photography is quintessential to a business. Social platforms have become our visual resumes- the better you look, the more your brand will be trusted to provide quality products and services.

People associate colors, images, and shapes when trying to picture a specific brand. Low quality, amateur photos reflect poorly on a business. For lifestyle brands, especially, there is a lot of pressure to present yourself visually. It is equally important to focus on the words you choose to say. Would you ever publish an article that didn’t provide value or reflect well on your business? Master marketers will have such a strong brand identity that their audience will immediately recognize which content is theirs. Choose your images wisely, and show your potential clients what you want them to know about you.

Great photos are shareable.

Professional photography helps you stand out, and nothing beats authenticity when maintaining credibility. Typically stock images are easy to spot from a mile away. That’s not to say you shouldn’t ever use them; it’s all about creating a balance and combining a perfect medley of your photos and stock photos. Have you ever came across a stock image that you felt like you’ve seen before? If a client recognized the stock images you were using, how likely would it be for them to share your post? The purpose of posting a photo is to catch the viewer’s attention, but when it comes to the typical tacky stock image, people can tell at first glance that it isn’t your photo and automatically ignore it. Your laziness to create content that will speak for your brand will shine through if you overuse stock photos. Think of bloggers and how they could make a career out of sharing images of their lifestyle. Sure many of them began with snapping pictures themselves, but the second they gain an audience, they step up their photography game.

Having a camera doesn’t mean you got it!

Many businesses tend to put photography on the back burner because they believe they can do it themselves. Sure, you can get away with a few high-quality smartphone photos, but when hiring a professional photographer, they’re coming to you with quality equipment and a trained eye. Outsourcing tasks to an expert will spare you the hassle of learning how to do it alone. Any experienced photographer will be able to showcase your brand identity and help you tell your story visually. They will help with poses, lighting, and locations that can posture you or your group and help your brand stand out. Many people underestimate professional photographers’ importance, but it’s important to keep marketing assets as visually appealing and on-brand as possible in the digital age.

Having professional headshots of yourself and team members is a good way for customers to get a sense of who you are and who’s behind the company. Keep in mind if you’re skimping on the photography, it will subconsciously make potential clients think, “what else are they skimping on?” Your website and social media images are typically the first glances of your brand, so be sure to leave a good and everlasting first impression. 

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Written by Samar Aridi 

Category: Event Services


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