A mastermind creates a teleportation device that pulls the members to the highest levels of success. To truly understand how Mastermind Alliances work, we have to agree on the definition of success and what higher forms of success are. The term Mastermind was introduced by Napolean Hill when he organized his principles of success in “Think and Grow Rich.” He said that most of the people he studied had built their success using a mastermind.

“The best definition of success which I know is this. It’s the knowledge with which to get whatever you want from life without violating the rights of others, and by helping others to acquire it.” Napolean Hill

He explains that the laws of success are definite and as certain as math, stating that masterminds are vital for reaching the highest levels of achievement. 

“Success in the higher bracket of achievement is something that can be had only by taking others along with you.” 

This is the point coaches miss, especially when they find success in online marketing and quickly building large communities. They struggle because they can easily fill a room or event and no longer use a mastermind alliance. Once they find success independently, they simply begin teaching the marketing tactics and sell systems for accountability to help their clients accomplish what they set their minds to. 

Once they’ve gotten what they need, they move on to the next coach, which will serve the next phase of their business. Ultimately, becoming a coach for others who are just like them. Never fully committing to a larger vision for themselves or their clients. 

When all entrepreneurs are no longer investing in one another’s ideas and building a loyal alliance, they do not truly reap a mastermind’s benefits. Opportunities that are so large one person cannot achieve them on their own. 

“Your only real limitation is the one you accept and set up in your own mind. ” Napolean Hill

Henry Ford and His wife formed a mastermind alliance. Mrs. Ford was the one that gave Henry Ford the courage and support to chase after his dream of a horseless carriage. This is the great master key to success. 

Billionaire Andrew Carnegie credits all of his wealth to his mastermind, and the declaration of independence is a perfect example of the mastermind principle in action.

 “You are where you are and what you are because of the mental attitude in which you relate yourself with other people.” Remember, your mental attitude is the one and the only thing of which you have complete control. Success is something that has to be planned and earned in advance. Luck is something that you can create for yourself if you learn the rules and follow them just as I give them to you. Today the term is being used for small groups and business retreats where coaches and consultants meet with their clients for training and accelerated execution weekends. They will charge their clients and offer to train them and help them execute their goals. However, This is far from the Mastermind Alliance, which Napolean Hill had in mind. 

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